Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.

Learn how to get your whole neighborhood involved with our NeighborWoods program!
Use our Shady Eighty tree guide to help you choose the best tree for your yard! 

Shady Eighty Cover 

Around Your Home

Every home and business benefits from the strategic selection and placement of trees. Trees can keep your home cool and help you save energy, they clean our air, help reduce stress, and make our homes a better place to live.

Plant shade trees around your home to save energy with our Sacramento Shade Tree Program which offers up to 10 free shade trees to SMUD customers. Your whole neighborhood can participate in tree planting with the NeighborWoods program! Check out our list of free trees available to SMUD customers.

If you live outside of Sacramento County, review the Shady Eighty Tree Guide (.pdf) for a list of the best trees to plant in our region. You can plant trees to screen your home for privacy and provide habitat for wildlife. And you can even increase your home's canopy with native fruit and nut-bearing trees that thrive in our region. We encourage you to support a local retail nursery to purchase tree(s) if you are unable to receive free shade trees through our programs.

Before you plant, learn about choosing the right tree for the right place and how to select a quality tree from a nursery.

Once you have your tree, be sure to plant it correctly so that it can thrive in its new environment. Watch our planting video to learn the proper techniques.

And don't forget, young trees require loving care. We offer seasonal tree tips to keep you informed and our website is full of additional tree care information to help you grow healthy, long-living trees. We also offer free pruning classes and advice on how to hire a reliable tree care company.

After planting your tree, track it on GreenprintMaps. GreenprintMaps calculates the value of your tree - from energy savings to storm water retention and more - and helps monitor our urban forest as it grows.


Find and track your trees with GreenprintMaps!