Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.

Before you Plant

Selecting the right tree for the right spot is the integral first step when thinking about planting trees. You will also want to consider irrigation, sun coverage, and soil type.

Before you plant watch our Right Tree in the Right Place video, use our Shady Eighty Guide to select the best tree for your home, and learn how to choose the best quality tree from a nursery.

Sacramento county residents can sign up to receive free energy savings shade trees through our partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). If you don't have room for energy savings shade trees or don't live in Sacramento county review this list to find a local retail nursery.

Before You Dig

Call Underground Service Alert (USA) four working days before you start digging to make sure that the spot you have chosen for your tree does not have any underground utilities that can interfere with your planting. 

The USA toll-free number is: (800) 227-2600.