Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.

How to...


We will reach our 5 million tree goal with your help. Volunteer with us to plant more trees where you live, work, and play.

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Care for your Roots

Roots work hard to keep your tree healthy, strong, and anchored into the ground. Learn how to care for your roots so they can thrive underground.

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Choose the Best Quality Tree from a Nursery

There are advantages to selecting good quality nursery trees. Good quality trees are more likely to survive post- planting, establish more quickly, and live longer in the landscape.

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Select and Site a Tree

Selecting the  right tree for the right spot is the integral first step when thinking about planting trees.

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Find a Local Retail Nursery

When thinking about buying a tree, consider purchasing it from a local retail nursery. You will be pleased with the personal service and knowledgeable staff.

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