The Sacramento Tree Foundation is a community benefit organization working to build healthy, livable communities in the Sacramento region by growing the best urban forest in the nation. 


The goals of this plan will drive our efforts over the next three years as we advance our campaign to plant and maintain 5 million new trees in the Sacramento region.

Goal 1:

Take a leading role in guiding regional, state, and national issues that impact the urban forest.

Goal 2:

Develop and implement an education and communications plan to reframe the conversations on quantifying tree benefits to focus on canopy vs. number of trees.

Goal 3:

Engender service-learning as a core competency for all programs and services.

Goal 4:

Take a lead role in building and strengthening partnerships that increase urban forest benefits throughout the region.

Goal 5:

Prepare to effectively address leadership transition, including review and revision of foundational statements (mission, vision, values).

Goal 6:

Build a more diversified funding base.