Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.

Young Tree Care

Young Tree Care

It takes three years for newly planted trees to establish a strong root system. Follow our young tree care guide to grow the healthiest trees for our urban forest.

Download our Tips for Drought Care to keep your trees alive and healthy during this historic drought. 

Learn more about:

  • Mulch. Wood chip mulch will save water, discourage weeds, and help your tree grow faster.
  • Water. Tree roots need a thorough soak with slow, deep watering.
  • Pruning. Shaping your tree for good structure is important for future health and safety of your tree.
  • Stakes & Ties. Providing support for your young tree will help it build strength.
  • Weeding. Pulling weeds near the base of your young tree protects it from competition and landscape machinery.
  • Fertilizer. Not recommended for newly planted trees.