People and landscapes that best exemplify outstanding accomplishments in tree planting, care and stewardship, as well as the overall importance of trees.

Legacy Award

Honoring a tree, landscape or woodland. This award recognizes the innate worthiness of a tree or landscape, as well as the beauty and value of these living entities.


Natomas Oaks - Austin B. Carroll Grove

Surrounded by a woodland of ancient native valley oaks, visitors are seemingly transported back throughout California history. These trees, some 375 years old, graciously shared their home over the ages with indigenous tribes, pioneering farmers, countless deer, quail, and woodpeckers, and now modern visitors. This picturesque grove offers the urban dweller an opportunity to visit a time when nature and humans more peacefully coexisted. With large branches collecting moisture from the earth to be delivered skyward, the canopy forms an interlocking familial chain that creates a cathedral-like dome enveloping this acreage. It reminds us of the need to preserve what once was and what should always be for the generations to come.  

-Richard Perez, City of Sacramento Parks Operations