Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.

Learn how to get your whole neighborhood involved with our NeighborWoods program!
Use our Shady Eighty tree guide to help you choose the best tree for your yard! 

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In Your Community

Communities come together under a healthy tree canopy. From lower crime rates to higher property values, you can bring the benefits of trees to the streets, schools, and parks throughout your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Trees

Throw a tree planting party with your neighbors to shade your streets and cool your homes. These trees will grow to provide benefits like cleaner air, safer streets, and a healthier, happier neighborhood. Not tree planting season, consider bring the magic of mulch to your neighborhood by throwing a DIY Mulching Party! Download the NeighborWoods Workbook and start working toward a greener community today.

School Trees

Schools are the perfect setting for shade trees. Not only do trees beautify school campuses, but they protect students from harmful ultraviolet rays and even have a positive effect on a student's ability to concentrate in the classroom.

Park Trees

Trees transform parks into places for contemplation, recreation, and camaraderie. There is really no better place to spread a picnic blanket than under a park tree! Plant trees in your parks to create beautiful community gathering spaces, wildlife habitat, and even cleaner water for your neighborhood.

Sacramento Tree Foundation can provide expert guidance for tree planting projects and can even provide free trees within Sacramento County. Learn more about our NeighborWoods program and Community Shade Tree program.