Why Trees?

Trees have a powerful impact on air quality, climate change, energy conservation, water quality, economy, comfort, habitat, and public health.

Trees are a prescription for better health

This map of our six-county region is a product of our new study linking tree canopy to human health.

Researchers found that residents in neighborhoods with more tree canopy had lower body mass index, reduced likelihood of being obese or overweight, greater participation in vigorous outdoor activity, lower likelihood of asthma, higher levels of social cohesion, improvements in mental health, and better reported general health.

Click on the interactive map below to view how your neighborhood's tree canopy is linked to today's pressing health challenges. 

Use this map and the information it contains to:

Discover where immediate action is needed to nurture those trees now in the ground and plant new ones.

Compare your neighborhood with others and decide what actions to take:

Read more about the Green Prescription study

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Expert Advisory Committee 

Desirée Backman, DrPH, MS, RD -- Chair

Teri Duarte, MPH

Greg McPherson, PhD

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Aimee Sisson, MD, MPH

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