Tree Love

Help your tree thrive so it can provide shade, beauty and habitat, clean the air and water, and make our cities and towns healthier and more livable for decades to come.

Take Action

Get involved in your own community to Save Our Water and Our Trees.

Be Water Wise with City of Sacramento

If you live within the City of Sacramento, you can take advantage of new water conservation services including water wise house calls, rebates on water efficient appliances and drought tolerant landscaping.

Take it to the next level and sign up for a Water Conservation Workshop or become a Water Conservation Ambassador. The more water you save in your home, the more you can provide to your trees!

DIY Mulch Party 

Take care of the trees in your neighborhood by creating a DIY Mulch Party. Follow our easy-to-use guide to gather your neighbors and coordinate a fun and effective mulching event in your own community.

Attend a Drought Workshop

This is your chance to learn about responsible tree watering techniques from the pros. Register for an upcoming workshop or watch our Drought Workshop webinar and share the information you learned with friends, family, and neighbors.

Plant and Care for Your Own Trees 

The trees in your own yard provide many benefits to your home and the entire community. By continuing to plant new trees and caring for your existing trees, you help to ensure our tree canopy continues to thrive, especially during the drought.