Does it matter where your wood comes from? We think so. 


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Why Use Urban Wood?

Our urban forest gives us so much – from cleaner air, cooler temperatures, and healthier neighborhoods, a living tree provides great value to our communities. But, we believe the benefits of trees last beyond their life in the ground.

Historically, an urban tree at the end of its life is removed and left in the landfill. Not only is this an unfortunate waste of potentially useful material, it also allows the tree to decompose and release carbon back into the atmosphere where it contributes to climate change.

Rather than treating them like trash, the Urban Wood Rescue program extends the life of these trees and keeps carbon stored within the wood by reusing as much of the tree as possible.

Quality logs are milled into lumber for furniture, art, and other wood products. Even if a tree cannot provide useful lumber, its remains can be used as biofuel or composted to improve the soil (for growing a new tree, perhaps). Rescuing these trees from the landfill allows them to continue providing benefits to our community in new forms while reducing our carbon footprint and protecting against climate change.

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