Does it matter where your wood comes from? We think so. 


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What is Urban Wood Rescue?

Urban trees need to be removed for many reasons like disease, safety, and pests. Historically, these trees have been cut down, chipped up, and left at the dump to decompose. Now, the Urban Wood Rescue program saves these trees from becoming trash by milling the wood into useable lumber, giving a second life to urban wood.

The Urban Wood Rescue program partners with the City of Sacramento, tree care services, and private landowners to salvage logs from trees that need to be removed. These logs are then milled into lumber, which can be used for community projects like benches, fences, and playground equipment. Individuals, artists, and craftspeople can also purchase the lumber for personal projects like furniture and artwork – creating a cooperative network of makers producing unique wooden products with a zip code.

By salvaging and reusing the wood from these trees, the Urban Wood Rescue program is reducing the amount of waste in the landfill, allowing the lumber to continue storing carbon which helps reduce the effects of climate change, and producing beautiful and functional products for the entire community.

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Funding for the Urban Wood Rescue program has been provided by the California Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund through the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), Urban and Community Forestry Program.