2017 Tree Heroes

C.K. McClatchy Award

David Robinson

LeRoy Munsch

LeRoy has a passion for our parks and has almost single-handedly planted, or overseen the planting, of over 1,000 trees in the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District's six parks over the past 20+ years. He has made a long-lasting contribution to the beauty and usability of our parks. Trees now stand where there was once only hot open turf, now providing shade, improved aesthetics, and habitat for birds and animals. He also ensured that a small grove of native Blue Oaks were protected and the area turned into a community nature area. 

Austin B. Carroll Award

River Park Tree Canopy Project Committee

After watching two-storied trees that the community adored taken down due to age-related issues and after watching the neighborhood's tree canopy begin to decline before their very eyes, a group of neighbors banded together to tackle this alarming problem. In 2015 the River Park Tree Canopy Project Committee (RPTCP) partnered with the Sacramento Tree Foundation in a two-pronged effort to remedy this problem. The group focused on replacing trees through a yearly tree planting and educating the neighborhood and greater community on how best to care for their trees. 

Growing Greenprint Award

City of Rancho Cordova 

City of Woodland Logo

The City of Rancho Cordova promotes the importance of improving community-wide tree canopy to provide environmental, community-wide tree canopy to provide environmental, economic, public health, and aesthetic benefits. The City actively invests in the community's trees, directly and through close collaboration with the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

Legacy Award

Bay Tree in Fremont Park 

The large, regal bay tree is located on the north side of Fremont Park along P Street, near 15th. The large tree is a draw for its shade and solace. Often, I just relax and look at the strength and beauty of the tree. What many do not know is that the leaves on the tree provide delicious flavor to soups and stews. I take a couple every time I walk by to keep handy in my spice rack. I know many of my neighbors do the same. 

-Lizz Lagomarsino, Friends of Fremont Park  

Lorax Award

Clarice Marie Luther

Clarice's love of the earth was lifelong. She described her first 15 years growing up on a Minnesota farm as "idyllic." Clarice settled in California and traveled to the mountains, Muir Woods, Redwoods, and Coastline, enthralled by the trees. Early in their marriage, she and her husband bought a home in East Sacramento where Clarice gradually created an oasis of trees, tall shrubs, ferns, and vibrant flowers for her family of 12 children. An Elm Tree on her property was "treated like a 13th child," she said.