Hanami is the Japanese custom of flower viewing. The transient splendor of trees in bloom inspires people to come together for festivals, picnics, and strolls beneath a canopy of petals.

Project Updates

While our community is still adjusting to the difficult circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we are working behind the scenes to continue to move the Hanami Line forward. Here are a few of the items we are working on to begin construction later this year:

  • Purchased 200 Pink Flair and Yoshino cherry trees from Premiere Nursery in Oregon. We are caring for them at a local nursery so that they’re ready for planting next year.
  • Working with SMUD, the City Parks Division, and Powerhouse Science Center to install a transformer to support the energy efficient light features of the park
  • Finalizing the permit process with the Central Valley Flood Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure levee safety and environmental sustainability of the park
  • Collaborating with City of Sacramento agencies to complete the building permit for the initial phase of construction