Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.

Guiding Principles for Cities and Counties

Our region is remarkably well suited to capture the benefits of trees. Our hot summers and cool winters enable us to maximize the benefits of shade trees in energy savings, air quality improvement, stormwater runoff retention and community enhancement.

  • We recognize the importance of tree canopies and their contributions to clean air and water, stormwater runoff reduction, energy conservation, improved public health, and increased property values.
  • We support the protection of native trees, woodlands and riparian areas as key features to sustain our ecosystems and promote our natural heritage.
  • We support the importance of citizen awareness and community involvement as major contributors to healthier urban forests, and in building neighborhood unity, community pride and civic trust.
  • We support the value of public-private partnerships with business and nonprofit organizations in order to mobilize resources, widen funding sources, and increase the understanding of the importance of trees.
  • We support the development of urban forest best management practices, policies and ordinances, and the adoption of urban forest master plans for each of our communities.
  • We support coordinated tree planting plans in order to double the tree canopy in our region.
  • We support the importance of nurseries and other green industries in providing the highest quality tree stock and state-of-the art tree and urban forest services.
  • We support a regional Greenprint steering committee of elected officials.
  • We support a Greenprint Clearinghouse to provide high-quality technical information, education, and funding resources to communities so they can expand, protect, and steward their community trees and urban forest.

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