Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.

Elements of the Greenprint

A successful urban forest program requires attention in three key elements:

  1. Management of Public Trees  
  2. Policies and Ordinances  
  3. Community Partnerships  

Growth Rings

The Greenprint offers a step-by-step approach to enhancing your urban forest called growth rings. The growth rings represent increasing levels of commitment and benchmarks for progress. There is built-in flexibility for each city and county to determine their particular pathway for achieving progress in each of the growth rings.

Elements of the Greenprint: A) Management of Public Trees, B) Policies and Ordinances and C) Community Partnerships

Reaching growth ring 4 in all three elements is the ultimate goal. It will take several years, even decades to achieve, depending on local priorities, resources, and commitments.

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