Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.

Call to Action

The Real Work Begins In Your Community

Securing the benefits of an expanded urban forest will require the concerted effort of each city and county in the Sacramento region, along with the attention of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, over the next several decades. This unprecedented undertaking begins with the ratification of this document.

The real work begins in your community. Education of the general public, government, businesses, and organizations is vital to building a strong support base for implementing the programs and partnerships in the Greenprint.

Stewarding five million trees to maturity is a massive undertaking far beyond the reach of any one city or county. By joining together, we will attract new investors and resources to the region, building the mutual support necessary to achieve the Greenprint.

Greenprint Clearinghouse

The Sacramento Tree Foundation will work with all 28 cities and counties in the Sacramento Area Council of Governments region to encourage and assist in the implementation of the Greenprint by creating the Greenprint Clearinghouse.

1) Information Resource Center

Collect and distribute new and existing urban forest information.

2) Regional Working Groups

Convene regional working groups to develop new policy models and urban forest initiatives.

3) Community Involvement

Sponsor community events and assist in the establishment of new nonprofi t urban forest organizations.

4) Urban Forest Achievement Recognition

Highlight successes and acknowledge growth ring advancements and regional achievements.

5) Fundraising

Provide information and opportunities to fund new tree programs.

Greenprint Timeline


  • Draft Greenprint
  • Value of a Tree video and brochure
  • Meetings with staff and stakeholder groups
  • Initial meeting with elected officials


  • Adoption by cities and counties
  • Final Greenprint
  • Elected officials summit
  • Public education and involvement campaign

2006 and Beyond

  • Local urban forest master plans adopted
  • Greenprint implementation
  • Greenprint Clearinghouse established