Why Trees?

Trees have a powerful impact on air quality, climate change, energy conservation, water quality, economy, comfort, habitat, and public health.

Plants and Poverty

How Adding More Green Makes Life More Manageable

For people living in poverty, everyday challenges can seem overwhelming. Crowding, noise, and danger can all contribute to chronic mental fatigue — leaving people less able to cope with major life issues. It's a common problem for many people living in low-income urban areas, but there is hope.

A scientific study by the Human-Environment Research Laboratory has demonstrated that green views and access to green spaces in urban areas may, in fact, help restore attention and relief the everyday pressures of living in poverty. By making life's demands more manageable, natural settings can actually help inner-city residents cope with the many stresses associated with poverty. Green spaces also contribute to a healthier environment and foster a sense of community, making them particularly valuable in inner-city neighborhoods.