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Seedling Growing Curriculum

The Sacramento Tree Foundation is a national leader in education and advocacy for urban forests. We know that trees and urban forests can improve the health and quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Since 1985, tens of thousands of acorns have been planted and nurtured by school groups utilizing our Seed to Seeding curriculum

Every Fall in preparation for Seed to Seedling, the Acorn Harvest gets underway. Acorn Harvest volunteers are recruited and receive specialized instruction so they may visit oaks throughout the region and gather thousands of acorns. These acorns are carefully logged and stored and after a rest in cold storage, they are directly planted at reforestation project sites and grown into seedling trees with the help of Seed to Seedling students and our in house propagation program.

Participating educators in the Sacramento region may choose to participate in our seedling growing program while they utilize the Seed to Seedling curriculum

Seed to Seedling goes beyond the basics to provide students with hands-on science and stewardship activities. It has been designed so that educators can pick and choose the lessons that interest them and their students most. The curriculum complies with California State Content Standards for 3rd and 4th grades. Home schoolers, after-school educators, and troop leaders will also find the curriculum full of fun activities for their program.

Educators choosing to grow seedlings through our program will receive:

Educators that choose to grow seedlings on our behalf are required to:

  • Pick up the planting materials from the Sacramento Tree Foundation nursery
  • Use the Seed to Seedling Curriculum for lessons
  • Return seedlings & all other loaned materials to the Sacramento Tree Foundation nursery

You can download our Seed to Seedling Curriculum 2015.pdf, however,  we recommend using our online curriculum for a more interactive and engaging experience.

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