We offer expertise, training, tools, and advice so that we may empower our community to plant, protect, and learn about trees.

Sacramento Shade

As temperatures increase in our region, the need for sustainable urban forests also increases. The Sacramento Shade Program has evolved to address these concerns by expanding to offer both deciduous and evergreen trees that can be planted on any qualifying open area on your property, with up to 10 free trees per property and over 30 varieties to choose from.

Trees not only cool our homes naturally and beautify our neighborhoods, but they provide additional benefits such as producing oxygen, cleaning the air we breathe, and storing carbon.

When you’re ready to plant your trees from SMUD, sign up through the form below or call (916) 924-8733.  A Community Forester will assess your property, review your tree options, and determine the best locations to plant your trees. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive information about how to plant and care for your trees.

Live outside Sacramento County?

Review the Shady Eighty Tree Guide for a list of the best trees to plant in our region. We encourage you to support a local retail nursery to purchase trees if you are unable to receive free shade trees through our programs.

Have a specific question?

Email or call (916) 924-8733.

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