We offer expertise, training, tools, and advice so that we may empower our community to plant, protect, and learn about trees.

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SMUD and the Sacramento Tree Foundation have been partnering since 1990 with the Sacramento Shade program - and that’s over half a million trees!

As temperatures increase in our region, the need for sustainable urban forests also increases. The Sacramento Shade Program has evolved to address these concerns by expanding to offer both deciduous and evergreen trees that can be planted on any qualifying open area on your property.

Trees not only cool our homes naturally and beautify our neighborhoods, but they provide additional benefits such as producing oxygen, cleaning the air we breathe, and storing carbon.

Sacramento Shade

All Sacramento County residents and SMUD Customers can qualify for a free landscape assessment and up to 10 free shade trees!

How it works 

  • Check to see if you're eligible for the program - are you a SMUD customer? Do you have space for trees on your property? See the form below for more details.
  • Make an appointment with a Community Forester. Assessment appointments are either in person or virtual if your property qualifies.
  • Meet with your Community Forester to determine the best spots to plant and which trees your property qualifies to receive. We offer over 40 different species!
  • Your trees will be delivered to your property with stakes, ties, and instructions.
  • Once you receive your trees, it's time for you to plant them! Check out our planting video or refer to the tip cards delivered with your tree.

COVID-19 Update

It may take several months for our staff to call and schedule you for a free shade tree assessment. Due to COVID-19, we are not conducting in-person appointments in most cases and are instead siting trees over the phone/computer using an online screen sharing service and satellite imagery. We will walk you through the process during your appointment, and we promise we will make it fun!

Please note: we are scheduling our assessments several weeks in advance. If you are on a very short timeline for a tree, we recommend checking out one of the many reliable nurseries in the area. Thank you for your interest in helping to make Sacramento cooler and greener!


Free Shade Trees Sign Up Form

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Property Where Trees Will Be Planted
Confirm Eligibility
  • Only SMUD customers in Sacramento County and Roseville are eligible to receive free trees.
  • Are you a SMUD customer?
  • We cannot provide trees for planting strips (the space between the street and sidewalk) in the City of Sacramento. If you need a tree for your planting strip, please call 311 or email
  • Is this tree for a planting strip in the City of Sacramento?
  • If you are replacing a tree that has been removed or will be removed, you need to schedule an appointment for AFTER the tree removal.
  • If you are replacing a tree, has it already been removed?
Request Trees
  • Due to the high volume of interest in this program, it may take several months to get back to you. The quickest way to get an appointment is to submit this form and then call (916) 924-8733 or email to follow up.