Does it matter where your wood comes from? We think so. 


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What is Urban Wood Rescue?

The Urban Wood Rescue program salvages urban trees that need to be removed due to disease, pests, or safety issues and mills the wood into usable lumber. Instead of sending these trees to the landfill, Urban Wood Rescue gives a second life to urban trees.

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Why Use Urban Wood?

When urban trees are removed and taken to the landfill, it allows them to decompose and release carbon back into the atmosphere where it contributes to climate change. By salvaging and reusing the wood from these trees, it gives the tree a second life and reduces our carbon footprint.

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We have both dimensional lumber and live edge slabs. Stop by the yard to check out our inventory!




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Trees for Neighborhoods

The NeighborWoods Program is your opportunity to grow the forest in your very own neighborhood! This program focuses on building investment in your neighborhood by working toward a greater, greener vision through trees. Work directly with one of our expert Community Foresters to plant the right trees in the right places throughout your neighborhood and maximize the many benefits of trees for your community.

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Acorn Harvester Training - Classroom Session

Sacramento Tree Foundation Office

Tuesday, September 25 5:30P - 8:30P

Become a trained Acorn Harvester and help us harvest 10,000 acorns during October. These acorns are used for Seed to Seedling and to grow new oaks for local reforestation and restoration projects.

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Planting Leader Orientation - Classroom Session

Sacramento Tree Foundation Office

Thursday, September 27 5:30P - 7:00P

Join our team of Planting Leaders in growing and protecting the best urban forest in the nation! At this orientation, you'll learn about our mission and programs, how to effectively lead volunteers at tree planting and care events, and what being a Planting Leader for habitat restoration or urban planting projects involves going forward.

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Fall/Winter Landscape Pruning and Maintenance Workshop

Citrus Heights Community Center

Thursday, September 27 6:00P - 8:30P

This workshop focuses on things you can do in the fall and winter to keep your tree and plant-based landscape looking great. We'll go over information on pruning young shade trees and other plants, maintaining irrigation systems, and managing wet-weather pests.

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