Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.


Young Trees

  • For the first three years, young trees need slow, deep watering during the dry weather.
  • Water near the base of the tree with a slow soak by:
    • Setting your hose on a slow trickle near the base of the tree. Leave the hose on trickle for about 2 hours. 
    • Or, place a bucket with a small hole (1/8") drilled near the bottom. Fill the bucket with water and allow it to slowly drain into the soil
  • On average, your tree will need 15 gallons of water per week.
  • Water two to three times per week depending on how hot and dry it is outside.
  • As your tree grows, expand your watering area outward to provide water to all of the extending roots.
  • Remember, watering your lawn will not replace the need to deeply water young trees. Deep water encourages roots to grow down. Sprinklers leave water on the surface and encourage roots to grow along the surface - causing problems in the future.
  • Large, mature trees have different watering needs. Learn how to water your mature trees.

Soil Tips:

Before watering, understand your soil type and check your soil to see if the tree needs more water. Probe the soil near the root ball 8-12 inches below the surface. You can use a screwdriver, a hand trowel, or a soil probe. If the soil feels moist and sticky, allow it to dry for several more days before watering again. If the soil feels dry and crumbly, water with a slow soak.