Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.

Returning your Seedlings

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Accurately describe the proper care of an oak seedling.
  • Describe the elements that plants need in order to grow.

Time: 30 minutes


For each student:

  • Letter writing materials


Have students write letters to the next person who will be caring for the tree (many of the seedlings are transferred to a correctional center nursery). They should describe how they have cared for the seedling, and give instructions about its future care.

Going deeper:

Students may write wishes for the future success of their seedlings on small strips of paper, fold them up and insert them into the planting soil.

Encourage students and their families to participate in community tree plantings. See sactree.com for more information about tree planting activities in the area.